Jiwa Buku

Buku bercetak atau buku elektronik? Kad bercetak atau kad elektronik? Masing-masing ada kelebihan. Saya lebih sukakan buku yang dapat dibelek seperti gambar di atas, berbanding buku yang dibelek dengan menggunakan cursor dan tetikus. Oh indahnya melihat buku terbuka.
Setiap kali ditanya pada setiap orang, masing-masing ada pandangan sendiri, ada yang suka barang berbentuk elektronik, namun masih ramai yang memilih untuk memiliki buku atau kad dalam bentuk konvensional.
Bukan semua barang boleh dielektronikkan, kalau tidak masakan penerbit dan kedai buku masih hidup sampai sekarang. Buku dan bahan bercetak punya nilai sentimentalnya sendiri.
Alangkah indah menerima kiriman atau hadiah buku daripada seseorang, apatah lagi orang tersayang. Buku tersebut akan dipeluk, dikilik, dibelek dengan hati-hati dan dibaca penuh adab membaca buku. Hal itu semua tidak boleh dilakukan pada kiriman atau hadiah elektronik.
Kami di PUTIH RONA DAGANG memahami hasrat penerima dan pemberi. Bahagia dan ceriakanlah jiwa orang yang anda sayang dengan memilih sebuah buku daripada toko buku maya kami, dan kami akan mengeposkan SECARA PERCUMA pesanan anda yang bernilai RM 50 ke atas kepada orang yang anda sayang.
Semoga buku kiriman anda dipeluk dan dinikmati oleh tuannya, sebagai pengganti diri yang jauh di mata. Dan semoga si dia memenuhkan minda dengan ilmu yang berfaedah dari teman jiwanya.
Selamat memiliki, dan selamat membaca.

Nak beli.. nak beli buku!

Ya... nak buku mana tu?
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* Buku akan diposkan ke alamat penerima sebaik sahaja pembayaran disahkan oleh pengendali toko.
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Friday, June 18, 2010


John C. Maxwell. Attitude 101: What Every Leader Needs to Know. 2003. US: Maxwell Motivation, Inc.

Halaman: 104 * Kulit Keras * Tebal: 1.3 sm

"Good attitudes on a team do not guarantee its success, but bad attitudes guarantee its ruin. So says New York Times best-selling author and leadership expert John C. Maxwell in this highly practical primer, Attitude 101. Anyone who has tried to lead people with bad attitudes know the frustration it can bring. 

With this concise and reader-friendly guidebook, you can master attitude issues. Learn to:
- Recognize how individuals' attitudes impact their performance.
- Pinpoint problem feelings, behaviors, and thinking in yourself and others
- Identify six common attitude problems that undermine teamwork
- Discover the secret to changing a bad attitude
- Create new definitions of failure and success that will improve performance
- Adopt the attitude that helps a leader keep going to the next level."

Harga Jualan: US $ 9.99
Harga tokobukumaya: RM 30.00


Musibah Gempa Padang: Antologi Puisi Penyair Nusantara. 2009. KL: Fauzul Na'im Sdn. Bhd.

Halaman: 160 * Kulit Nipis * Tebal: 0.9 sm

Buku selenggaraan dan kata pengantar oleh Dato' Dr. Ahmad Khamal Abdullah (Kemala) ini mengandungi sajak-sajak penulis Nusantara, tentang musibah di Padang, serta gambar tragedi tersebut.

Harga tokobukumaya: RM 15.00
(* kongsibuku tokobukumaya)


Benjamin Franklin. The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin. 2005. US: Digireads.com Publishing.

Halaman: 106 * Kulit Nipis * Tebal: 0.7 sm

"In The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin, the life story of one of the most important figures in American history is recounted. The book tells the stroy of Franklin's early days as a printer, publisher and inventor through to the year 1757 where the Autobiography ends uncompleted. Franklin wrote this autobiography ends uncompleted. Franklin wrote this autobiography during three different periods in his life and it is supposed that it is left unfinished due to his dying before its completion. There may be no greater figure in American history than Benjamin Franklin and here the reader will delight in an intimate portrait of the man."

Harga tokobukumaya: RM 40.00


Albert Einstein. The Meaning of Relativity. 2005. US: Princeton University Press.

Halaman: 157 * Kulit Nipis * Tebal: 0.7 sm

"In 1921, five years after the appearance of his comprehensive paper on general relativity and twelve years before he left Europe permanently to join the institute for Advance Study, Albert Einstein visited Princeton University, where he delivered the Stafford Little Lecturer for that year. These four lectures constituted an overview of his then-controversial theory of relativity. Princeton University Press made the lectures available under the title The Meaning of Relativity, the first book by Einstein to be produced by an American publishers. As subsequent editions were brought out by the Press, Einstein included new material amplifying the theory. A revised version of the appendix "Relativistic Theory of the Non-Symmetric Field", added to the post-humous edition of 1956, was Einstein's last scientific paper."

Harga tokobukumaya: RM 50.00

Thursday, June 17, 2010


Don Esposito. The Chosen People, 2n Printing. 2004. US: Word of Truth Publications.

Halaman: 140 * Kulit Nipis * Tebal: 0.9 sm

"What is the good news message that Yahshua spoke about? Because of false replacement theology, most of Christianity has lost this true message for almost 2,000 years. I would like to reveal to you, in this book, the beautiful message of the Everlasting Covenant given to Abraham over 3,800 years ago, and promised from generation to generation through the 12 tribes of Israel."

Harga tokobukumaya: RM 30.00


Kazuo Koike & Kazuo Kamimura. Lady Snowblood, Volume: 4. 2006. Jepun: Koike Shoin Publishing.

Halaman: 292 * Kulit Nipis * Tebal: 2.4 sm

Sebuah manga dalam bahasa Inggeris. Penuh aksi, khas untuk dewasa sahaja.

Harga Jualan: US $ 14.95
Harga tokobukumaya: RM 60.00


Peter Ovig Knudsen. Blekinge Gade Banden. 2008. Denmark: Gyldendal Pocket.

Halaman: 526 * Kulit Nipis * Tebal: 3.7 sm

Harga tokobukumaya: RM 50.00


Christian Dior. The Little Dictionary of Fashion (A guide to dress sense for every woman). 2007. UK: V&A Publications.

Halaman: 126 * Kulit Keras (Jaket) * Tebal: 2.3 sm

"Christian Dior reveals the secrets of style in this charming handbook that no lady should be without. An indispensable guide that covers everthing from what to wear to a wedding and how to tie a scarf to how to walk with grace. The Little Dictionary of Fashion is full of timeless tips. From afternoon frocks and accessories to travelling and tweed, Dior's expertise ensures every girl will know the three fundamentals of fashion: simplicity, grooming and good taste."

Harga tokobukumaya: RM 50.00
(* kongsibuku tokobukumaya)


Albert Einstein. Relativity: The Special and The General Theory. UK: BN Publishing.

Halaman: 87 * Kulit Nipis * Tebal: 0.5 sm

Harga tokobukumaya: RM 30.00


Don Esposito. Who is the Messiah of Israel. 2007. US: Word of Truth Publications.

Halaman: 110 * Kulit Nipis * Tebal: 0.7 sm

"Who is the true Messiah of Israel? The truth about the true Messiah of Israel has been hidden to the masses for almost 2,000 years. Now in our time we are blessed to have the truth finally revealed. Come and follow a journey through the pages of the Tanach and see who was the only person who ever lived who fulfilled 300 different prophecies and is the only rue Messiah of Israel. When you look at the law of odds and probability of one man fulfilling each and every prophecy it is mind staggering. It is something like 100 zillion quadrillion to 1. Read the book that your Rabbi and Pastor don't want you to read and find out who the True Messiah of Israel is."

Harga tokobukumaya: RM 20.00


Stephen R. Covey. The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Network Marketing Professionals. US: FranklinCovey.

Two-Disc Audio Collection

"In this training, Stephen R. Covey presents an integrated, principle-centered approach for becoming a highly effective network marketing professional. Including real world examples of current, successful networkers, Covey reveals a step-by-step pathway for not only living with fairness, integrity, service, and human dignity, but applying principle-centered habits that will help you become truly effective in your networking business.

Included in this training is a 48-page workbook outlining timeless networking principles that, along with the audio training, acts as the perfect complement to help you achieve your ultimate networking goals of effectiveness."

Harga Jualan: US $19.95
Harga tokobukumaya: RM 50.00


Lauren Child. Utterly Me, Clarice Bean. 2003. UK: Orchard Books.

Halaman: 187 * Kulit Nipis * Tebal: 1.4 sm

Buku untuk bacaan kanak-kanak, dengan bentuk tulisan yang cukup menarik. - pengendali tokobukumaya.

"An utterly fantastic book." - The Sunday Times

Harga tokobukumaya: RM 25.00


Hilary de Vries. So 5 Minutes Ago. 2004. US: Villard Books.

Halaman: 287 * Kulit Nipis * Tebal: 1.8 sm

"Being a celebrity publicist at a Los Angeles PR firm isn't as glamorous as Alex Davidson thought it would be. But everything changes the day her firm is bought out by a rival agency and Alex finds her once secure job of wanly ministering to a roaster of B-list egos suddenly at stake. Alex's old boss and mentor, Suzanne, is being shown the door. And G, her new boss, wants bigger clients and more exposure. But certain things just don't add up: Why did G refuse to help Suzanne when a big client - a hot Latina singer/actress - decided to bolt from the firm? And why is he being so nice to Alex all of a sudden? Knowing that in Hollywood there are always strings attached, Alex does a little digging and uncovers a dirty scheme that, if brought to light, will rock the entertainment industry. Will the temptation to betray Suzanne and accept a lucrative offer from G be too powerful for Alex to ignore? Or can she save her job, keep her soul, and score a victory for women in Hollywood?"

Harga Jualan: US $12.95
Harga tokobukumaya: RM 30.00


George R. R. Martin. A Clash of Kings. 2005. US: Bantam Spectra Book.

Halaman: 1009 * Kulit Nipis * Tebal: 4.8 sm

"A comet the color of blood and flame cuts across the sky. And from the ancient citadel of Dragonstone to the forbidding shores of Winterfell, chaos reigns. Six factions struggle for control of a divided land and the Iron Throne of the Seven Kingdoms, preparing to stake their claims through tempest, turmoil, and war. It is a tale in which brother plots against brother and the dead rise to walk in the night. Here a princess masquerades as an orphan boy; a knight of the mind prepares a poison for a treacherous sorceress; and wild men descend from the Mountains of the Moon to ravage the countryside. Against  a backdrop of incest and fratricide, alchemy and murder, victory may go to the men and women possessed of the coldest steel... and the coldest hearts. For when kings clash, the whole land trembles."

Harga Jualan: US $ 7.99
Harga tokobukumaya: RM 25.00


George R. R. Martin. A Game of Thrones. 2005. US: Bantam Spectra Book.

Halaman: 835 * Kulit Nipis * Tebal: 3.8 sm

"In a land where summers can last decades and winters a lifetime, trouble is brewing. The cold is returning, and in the frozen wastes to the north of Winterfell, sinister and supernatural forces are massing beyond the kingdom's protective Wall. At the center of the conflict lie in the Starks of Winterfell, a family as harsh and unyielding as the land they were born to. Sweeping from a land of brutal cold to a distant summertime kingdom of epicurean plenty, here is a tale of lords and ladies, soldiers and sorcerers, assassins and bastards, who come together in a time of grim omens. Amid plots and counterplots, tragedy and betrayal, victory and terror, the fate of the Starks, their allies, and their enemies hangs perilously in the balance, as each endeavors to win that deadliest of conflicts: the game of thrones."

Harga Jualan: US $ 7.99
Harga tokobukumaya: RM 25.00


Chamil Wariya. Perjuangan Membela Melayu: UMNO Selangor (1946-2006). 2006. KL: Media Global Matrix Sendirian Berhad.
Halaman: 308 * Kulit Nipis * Tebal: 1.7 sm

"Saya hendak menyerahkan kalau boleh UMNO yang lebih baik lagi kepada generasi akan datang. UMNO yang mempunyai rekod yang baik dan kemudian ditambah baikkan lagi dengan pencapaian-pencapaian tertentu. Saya hendak ahli-ahli UMNO berakhlak mulia mengamalkan amalan agama dengan baik. Tidak mengamalkan amalan yang ditegah oleh agama..." - Datuk Seri Dr. Mohamad Khir Toyo.

Harga Jualan: RM 45.00
Harga tokobukumaya: RM 30.00
(*kongsibuku tokobukumaya)


Kafka. The Metamorphosis and the Trial. 2007. US: Borders Classic.

Halaman: 226 * Kulit Nipis * Tebal: 1.8 sm

"It is one of the most famous opening scenes in literature: a traveling salesman oversleeps one morning and wakes to find himself transformed into a giant verminous insect. In Franz Kafka's "Die Verwandlung" ("The Metamorphosis", 1915), Gregor Samsa's altered condition is treated matter-of-factly while close attention is paid to mundane details: Samsa's hunt for food, his hiding from his family, his worries about his job, etc. This type of jarring contrast - a nightmarish situation suffused with deadpan ordinariness - has given rise to the adjective "Kafkaesque."

Harga Jualan: US $ 5.95
Harga tokobukumaya: RM 20.00


Lynne McTaggart. The Field: The Quest for the Secret Force of the Universe. 2008. US: HarperCollins Publishers.

Halaman: 268 * Kulit Nipis * Tebal: 1.8 sm

"In this groundbreaking classic, investigative journalist Lynne McTaggart reveals a radical new paradigm - that the human mind and body are not separate from their environment but a packet of pulsating power constantly interacting with this vast energy sea, and that consciousness may be central in shaping our world. The Field is a highly readable scientific detective story presenting a stunning picture of an interconnected universe and a new scientific theory that makes sense of supernatural phenomena. Documented by distinguished sources, The Field is a book of hope and inspiration for today's world."

Harga Jualan: US $13.99
Harga tokobukumaya: RM 40.00

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Joyce Whiteley Hawkes, Ph.D. Cell-Level Healing: The Bridge from Soul to Cell. 2006. US: Beyond Words Publishing.

Halaman: 158 * Kulit Keras (Jaket) * Tebal: 1.1 sm

"After a shattering near-death experience, Joyce Whiteley Hawkes left her career as a biophysicist and embarked on a study of indigenous healing practices. Living and working with priests and shamans in the Philippines, South India, and Bali, she explored the previously uncharted territories that divide biology from spirituality - and discovered that emotional, mental, and spiritual feelings can have profound and positive impact on our bodies at the cellular level..."

Harga Jualan: US $ 23.95
Harga tokobukumaya: RM 50.00
(Stok berbaki dua buah sahaja)


M. Mansoor Khan and M. Ishaq Bhatti. Developments in Islamic Banking: The Case of Pakistan. 2008. US: Palgrave Macmillan.

Halaman: 264 * Kulit Keras (Jaket) * Tebal: 2.1 sm

"Developments in Islamic Banking presents Islamic banking as a discipline promising ethical, competitive and diversified tools and systems in global finance. The book aims to educate Western market players about the Islamic banking system in friendly and familiar language, so as to bridge the gap between conventional and Islamic banking disciplines. It covers Islamic banking's ethical-religious paradigm, theory and practice, unprecedented developments, achievements, pitfalls and future prospects, and the growth of its infrastructures and supporting institutions in recent years. It provides a comprehensive and longitudinal view, analysing the institutional, financial, judicial and political developments in Pakistan during 1980-2007 for restructuring its economy and financial sector on Islamic lines. Core findings and lessons are provided for the future implementation of the Islamic banking system in Pakistan and elsewhere."

Harga tokobukumaya: RM 60.00

OIL 101

Morgan Downey. Oil 101. 2009. UK: Wooden Table Press LLC.

Halaman: 440 * Kulit Keras (Jaket) * Tebal: 3.6 sm

"How does modern civilization sustain itself? Oil 101 seeks to answer this question in the most literal sense. Oil 101 explains the nuts and bolts of the oil business, from its composition on a molecular level, to an analysis of market players; from refining economics, to trading. We all face difficult decisions regarding energy policy and our own futures. Those decisions should be informed ones. Oil 101 is an essential read for oil producers and consumers."

Harga tokobukumaya: RM 101.00


Bernie Schaeffer. The Option Advisor: Wealth-Building Techniques Using Equity & Index Options. US: John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

Halaman: 316 * Kulit Keras (Jaket) * Tebal: 3.1 sm

"In the Option Advisor: Wealth-Building Techniques Using Equity & Index Options, Schaeffer offers his own carefully tested, prudent, and profitable strategies for trading options. He begins by dispelling outdated folklore and beliefs about the options world, and reveals instead how options can be used as an inexpensive, leveraged vehicle for profiting from the movement in an equity. With clarity and logic, he explains the basic principles of options trading, emphasizing, in particular, why options cannot be traded like stocks - a very common and potentially very costly mistake..."

Harga Jualan: US $ 70.00
Harga tokobukumaya: RM 150.00


Valerie Sloane. Telephone Sales Management and Motivation Made Easy. US: Business By Phone Inc.

* Halaman: 161 * Kulit Nipis * Tebal: 1.1 sm

"More and more modern businesses are cost-effectively generating revenue by moving into telephone selling. But there's much more to phone sales than plugging in phones and computers and writing a script. Building a high -quality work environment by triggering trust, respect and fun will invigorate cash flow as much as sophisticated equipment. That atmosphere is created by managing with a personal touch...

This book offers a complete motivational program emphasizing staff and stability rather than high-tech and high turnover. Here, under one cover, we present a host of proven ideas, including 50 creative contest models with guidelines for implementation..."

Harga Jualan: US $ 19.95
Harga tokobukumaya: RM 50.00


Jim Martin. Free-Format RPG IV: How to Bring Your RPG Programs into the 21st Century. US: MC Press Online, LP.

* Kulit Nipis * Tebal: 1.2 sm

"What could be more important than upgrading your RPG skills? Traditional fixed-format style RPG IV programmers everywhere are embracing the increased productivity, better readability, and easier program maintenance that comes with the free-format style of programming in RPG IV. This book, a "how-to" guide and the first of its kind, will provide you with concise and thorough information on this powerful new way of coding RPG IV...""

Harga Jualan: US $ 59.95
Harga tokobukumaya: RM 160.00


Dermot Berkery. Raising Venture Capital for the Serious Entrepreneur. 2008. US: The McGraw-Hill Companies.

Halaman: 288 * Kulit Tebal (Jaket) * Tebal: 2.9 sm

"Written by Dermot Berkery, an internaitonally known venture capitalist with Delta Partners, this complete sourcebook details how venture capitalists arrange the financing for a company, what they look for in a business plan, how they value a business, and how they structure the terms of an agreement. Within its pages, you'll find everything you need to successfully raise new business capital on the most attractive terms possible.

Using informative case studies, detailed charts, and term sheet exercises, Raising Venture Capital for the Serious Entrepreneur discusses the basic principles of the venture capital method, strategies for raising capital, methods of valuing the early-stage venture, and proven techniques for negotiating the deal..."

Harga Jualan: US $ 49.95
Harga tokobukumaya: RM 150.00


Chamil Wariya. Potret Peribadi Abdullah Ahmad Badawi. 2006. KL: Media Global Matrix Sendirian Berhad.

Halaman: 164 * Kulit Tebal * Tebal: 1.6 sm

"Buku ini adalah paparan kisah-kisah menarik Datuk Seri Abdulah Ahmad Badawi sebagai insan biasa yang ditulis oleh pengarang Chamil Wariya yang mengenali beliau selama 35 tahun. Ia menceritakan tahun-tahun Abdullah membesar di Kepala Batas ketika belajar di Sekolah Melayu Permatang Bertam, Sekolah Tinggi Bukit Mertajam dan di Methodist Boys School di Pulau Pinang. Buku ini juga memberi gambaran tentang hubungan Abdullah dengan ayahandanya, Datuk Ahmad Badawi, ibundanya, Datuk Khailan Hassan dan nendanya, Syeikh Abdullah Fahim yang banyak mempengaruhi pembentukan keperibadian Abdullah pada peringkat awal sehingga beliau tampil sebagai Mr. Nice Guy dan a man of God and man of family setelah dewasa."

Harga Jualan: RM 60.00
Harga tokobukumaya: RM 40.00
(kongsibuku tokobukumaya)


James Harding and Ahmad Sarji. P. Ramlee: The Bright Star. 2002. Selangor: Pelanduk Publication (M) Sdn. Bhd.

Halaman: 280 * Kulit Tebal * Tebal: 2.7 sm

"In his own lifetime, P. Ramlee created a myth of what a boy unschooled in music and in the performing arts would attain. For the world, he became a symbol of the eternal genius of music, acting and directing. Despite the heights and brilliance he had attained on the screen and in the music world, he remained a humble person. He has a luminous quality - a combination of brilliant acting, melodious singing, radiance - to set him apart, and yet make everyone wish to be like him..."

Harga tokobukumaya: RM 60.00
(* kongsibuku tokobukumaya)


Alan Hollinghurst. The Line of Beauty. 2004. UK: Picador.

Halaman: 501 (Jaket) * Kulit Tebal * Tebal: 4.3 sm

"It is the summer of 1983, and young Nick Guest has moved into an attic room in the Notting Hill home of the Feddens: Gerald, an ambitious new Troy MP, his welathy wife Rachel, and their children Toby and Catherine. Nick had idolized Toby at Oxford, but in his London life it will be the troubled Catherine, the critic and rebel of the family, who becomes both his friend and his uneasy responsibility.

As the boom years of the mid-80's unfold, Nick, an innocent in matters of politics and money, becomes caught up in the Feddens' world - its grand parties, its surprising alliances, its parade of monsters both comic and menacing. In an  era of endless possibility, Nick finds himself able to pursue his own private obsession, with beauty - a prize as compelling to him as power and riches are to his friends. An affair with a young black council worker give shim his first experience of romance; but it is a later affair, with a beautiful millionaire, that will change his life more drastically and bring into question the larger fantasies of a ruthless decade..."

Harga tokobukumaya: RM 60.00


M. W. Baldoni, C. Ciliberto and G. M. Piacentini Cattaneo. Elementary Number Theory, Cryptography and Codes. UK: Springer.

Kulit Nipis * Tebal: 3.0 sm

"In this volume one can finds basic techniques from algebra and number theory (e.g. congruences, unique factorization domains, finite fields, quadratic residues, primality tests, continued fractions, etc) which in recent years have proven to be extremely useful for application to cryptography and coding theory."

Harga tokobukumaya: RM 50.00


Suzanne Somers. Ageless: The Naked Truth About Bioidentical Hormones. 2006. US: Crown Publishers.

Halaman: 427 * Kulit Tebal (Jaket) * Tebal: 3.6 sm

Ramai yang bimbang untuk menghadapi hari tua, tidak kira lelaki dan wanita Pelbagai ubat-ubatan digagahcari untuk melawan proses penuaan, tanpa mendalami ilmu tentang hormon dan biologi tubuh badan. Ramai yang jadi mangsa penipuan anti penuaan dan macam-macam lagi. Apakata kita menyelak lembaran buku ini untuk mendapat sedikit pencerahan tentang penuaan dan hubungannya dengan hormon.  - pengendali tokobukumaya.

"The second half of your life can be better than your first half. A better life, a healthier life, a life of youthful energy comes from embracing antiaging medicine, and bioidentical hormone replacement is a big component... The second half of life can be wonderful. I know it because I am living it. This new approach to health gives you back your lean body, shining hair, and thick skin, provided you are eating correctly and exercising in moderation. This new medicine allows your brain to work perfectly and offers the greatest defense against cancer, heart attack, and Alzheimer's disease. Don't you want that?" - From the Introduction

Harga Jualan: US $ 25.00
Harga tokobukumaya: RM 80.00


George Wood Vinal . Storage Batteries. 1955. US: John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

Halaman: 446 * Kulit Tebal * Tebal: 2.4 sm

"A General Treatise on the Physics and Chemistry of Secondary Batteries and their Engineering Applications."

Harga tokobukumaya: RM 30.00
(kelab kongsibuku tokobukumaya)

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Chamil Wariya. Malaysia: 50 Fakta Asas Kenegaraan. 2007. KL: Media Global Matrix.

Halaman: 346 * Kulit Tebal * Tebal: 2.5 sm

"Memuatkan 50 fakta asas kenegaraan yang berguna sebagai panduan bagi sesiapa yang berminat tentang perjalanan yang telah dilalui oleh Malaysia sejak mencapai kemerdekaan pada 31 Ogos 1957. Ia meliputi: maklumat umum yang menjadi paksi pembinaan sebuah negara, institusi pemerintahan cabang legislatif, eksekutif dan judisiari, dan lambang kebangsaan.

Harga Jualan: RM 85.00
Harga tokobukumaya: RM 60.00
(*kongsibuku tokobukumaya)


Stephanie Laurens. Temptation and Surrender. 2009. UK: Piatkus.

Halaman: 393 * Kulit Nipis * Tebal: 2.9 sm

"The first romance stories of Stephanie Laurens read were set against the backdrop of Regency England, and these continue to exert a special attraction for her. As an escape from the dry world of professional science, Stephanie started writing Regency romances, and she is now a New York Times, USA Today and Publishers Weekly bestselling author."

Harga Jualan: UK12.99
Harga tokobukumaya: RM 40.00


Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child. Cemetery Dance. 1998. US: Grand Central Publishing.

"... It goes without saying that all people, places, public and private institutions, corporate and official entities, and religious establishment described in Cemetery Dance are either fictitious or used fictitiously. In particular, the ceremonies and beliefs depicted in the novel are completely fictitious and are not meant in any way to resemble, imply, or depict any existing religion or creed."

Halaman: 435 * Kulit Tebal (Jaket) * Tebal: 4.0 sm

Harga Jualan: US $ 26.99
Harga tokobukumaya: RM 90.00


Lee Boyan. Successful Cold Call Selling (Second Edition). 1989. US: AMACOM.

Halaman: 275 * Kulit Nipis * Tebal: 2.2 sm

"Over 100 New Ideas, Scripts, and Examples from the Nation's Foremost Sales Trainer.

You are about to learn powerful, proven techniques that will enable you to perform at your best whenever you introduce yourself to a new prospect either in person or by phone. You will master the ability to gain an audience that has top-level buying authority as you arrange to present your offering under the most favorable circumstances, and you will come out with orders where no business previously existed."
Harga Jualan: US $ 17.95
Harga tokobukumaya: RM 50.00


Bernie Marcus and Arthur Blank. Built from Scratch.1999. US: Crown Business.

Halaman: 332 * Kulit Nipis * Tebal: 2.0 sm

"Built from Scratch is the firsthand account of how two regular guys created one of the greatest entrepreneurial successes of the last twenty years."

Harga Jualan: US $ 19.00
Harga tokobukumaya: RM 40.00


Kathy Lien. Day Trading & Swing Trading the Currency Market (Second Edition). 2009. US: John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

Halaman: 290 * Kulit Tebal (Jaket) * Tebal: 2.2 sm

"In only a few short years, the currency/foreign exchange (FX) market has grown significantly. With institutions and individuals driving daily average volume past the $3 trillion mark, there are many profitable opportunities available in this arena - but only if you understand how to operate within it.

That's why Kathy Lien - Director of Currency Research for one of the most popular Forex providers in the world - has created Day Trading and Swing Trading the Currency Market, Second Edition. Written for both the experienced and aspiring trader, this updated guide outlines the essential elements of the FX market and reveals the latest trends, data and strategies that all traders, particularly day and swing traders, need to be aware of in order to excel in this fast-moving field..."

Harga Jualan: US $ 70.00
Harga tokobukumaya: RM 150.00


Harold D. Stolovitch and Erica J. Keeps. Telling Ain't Training. 2002. US: ASTD  Press.

Halaman: 193 * Kulit Nipis * Tebal: 1.3 sm

"Why training fails, what makes training successful and how you and your learners can achieve astonishing results."

Harga Jualan: US $ 38.95
Harga tokobukumaya: RM 100.00


Andrew W. Lo and Jasmina Hasanhodzic. The Hereticc of Finance: Conversation with Leading Practitioners of Technical Analysis. 2009. US: Bloomberg Press.

Halaman: 262 * Kulit Tebal (Jaket) * Tebal: 2.2 sm

"Andrew W. Lo and Jasmina Hasanhodzic argue that the only way to truly understand technical analysis is to talk to the practitioners who know the most about it. To that end, the authors conducted in-depth interviews with thirteen of today's top technicians..

Harga Jualan: US $ 29.95
Harga tokobukumaya: RM 80.00


Suzanne Somers. The Sexy Years. 2004. US: Crown Publishers.

Halaman: 357 * Kulit Tebal * Tebal: 3.0 sm

Seks - kalau tidak ditangani dengan betul setiap permasalahannya akan menyebabkan pergeseran dan perpecahan rumahtangga. Berkongsi ilmu dengan mereka yang pernah mengalami masalah dalam hal ini adalah salah satu cara untuk memandu ke arah hidup yang lebih sejahtera.  - pengendali tokobukumaya.

"Discover the hormone connection: the secret to fabulous sex, great health, and vitality, for women and men.

Getting older can be brutal - women gain weight, lose their sex drive, experience hot flashes, suffer memory loss, become short-tempered, find it difficult to sleep, and on and on. It's not easy for men, either - they start to lose energy and stamina as they age, too (and they have to live with women going through menopause). After years of being thin and fit and full of energy, Suzanne herself encountered the "Seven Dwarfs of Menopause" - Itchy, Bitchy, Sweaty, Sleepy, Bloated, Forgetful, and All-Dried-Up. Instead of living out the rest of her life cranky, sleep-deprived, and libido-less, Suzanne set out to discover how she could get her  ind, body, and life back and banish those pesky dwarfs for good..."

Harga Jualan: US $ 25.00
Harga tokobukumaya: RM 70.00


Bruce H. Lipton, PhD. The Biology of Belief: Unleashing the Power of Conciousness, Matter & Miracles. 1998. UK: Penguin Group.

Halaman: 204 * Kulit Tebal * Tebal: 2.0 sm

Buku tentang bagaimana pemikiran mengawal dan hidup kita. - pengendali tokobukumaya.

"This book will forever change how you think about your own thinking. Stunning new scientific discoveries about the biochemical effects of the brain's functioning show that all the cells of our body are affected by your thoughts."

Harga Jualan: US $ 24.95
Harga tokobukumaya: RM 50.00


Ramkishen S Rajan and Sunil Songala. Asian ih the Global Economy: Finance, Trade and Investment. 2008. UK: World Scientific Publishing Co. Pte. Ltd..

Halaman: 260 * Kulit Tebal * Tebal: 2.0 sm

"This book consists of 20 short essays on the different dimensions of international economic policy with specific (though not exclusive) focus on Asia. Topics covered include: exchange rate regimes and reserve buildup in Asia; global macroeconomic imbalances; financial sector liberalization; international capital flows to and from Asia; infrastructure financing in Asia; foreign direct investment (FDI) flows, production networks, manufacturing and outsourcing in Asia; the economic rise of China and India; and trade, financial and monetary regionalism in Asia..."

Harga tokobukumaya: RM 50.00

Saturday, June 12, 2010


Iris Johanson. Deadlock. 2009. US: St. Martin's Press.

Halaman: 373 * Kulit Tebal * Tebal: 3.2 sm

"It begins with an innocent mission... Emily Hudson is an artifacts expert for the U. N. who travels to war-tron countries attempting to save their priceless treasures from destruction. Her best friend and partner, Joel Levy, is always at her side - until, one day, her entire crew comes under attack. Joel and Emily are held hostage by a ruthless and evil captor who is determined to find the missing link to a legendary treasure. For weeks they struggle to survive against terrifying odds, pushed to their limits - and beyond..."

Harga Jualan: US $ 26.95
Harga tokobukumaya: RM 40.00


Noordin Sopiee; A Man & His Ideas - Selected Writings and Speeches. 2006. KL: Institute of Strategic and International Studies (ISIS) Malaysia.

Halaman: 708 * Kulit Tebal * Tebal: 4.5 sm

Buku terbitan ISIS ini diedit oleh Mohamed Jawhar Hassan, mengandungi kertas kerja dan rencana terpilih oleh  Tan Sri Dr. Noordin Sopiee yang disampaikan pada pelbagai majlis dan acara, sewaktu beliau masih bersama New Straits Times Press. - pengendali tokobukumaya.

" Noordin was a prolific writer. He was always in the midst of writing something, or researching for it. Writing came naturally to him. He was a wordsmith with a flair for a fine turn of phrase. Those who scrutinize his works will also discern a style unique to him. One of his many friends, Sukhumbhand Paribatra (former Deputy Foreign Minister of Thailand), once referred to it, in jest, as "Noordinesque". Whatever Noordin wrote on or spoke about, it was never uninteresting.

This collection showcases his fertile mind and breadth of knowledge. He was literate in many fields, and wrote intelligently on a wide range of topics..." - Mohamed Jawhar Hassan.

Harga tokobukumaya: RM 80.00


Joel Linchitz. The Complete Guide to Telemarketing Management. 2000.US: PFS Press.

Halaman: 333 * Kulit Nipis * Tebal: 1.9 sm

"All people in business today have phones they use every day - to listen, to obtain information, to persuade. In view those business phone as resources. And used pro-actively, every phone in your organization can be a profit-making  resource. This book explains how."

Harga Jualan: US $ 39.95
Harga tokobukumaya: RM 50.00
(*kongsibuku tokobukumaya)


Andy Lane. Sport and Exercise Psychology: Topics in Applied Psychology. 2008. UK: Hodder Education.

Halaman: 256 * Kulit Nipis * Tebal: 1.3 sm

"Topics in Applied Psychology offers a range of accessible, integrated texts ideal for courses in applied psychology. The books are written by leading figure in their field and provide a comprehensive academic and professional insight into each topic. They incorporate  a range of features to bring psychology to life including case histories, research methods, ethical debate and learner activities. Each chapter opens with learning objectives to consolidate key points."

Harga tokobukumaya: RM 80.00


Brooke Noel Moore and Richard Parker. Critical Thinking (Ninth Edition). 2009. US: McGraw-Hill.

Halaman: 537 * Kulit Nipis * Tebal: 1.9 sm

Buku yang bermutu dan laris boleh dilihat dari bilangan cetakannya. - pengendali tokobukumaya.

Harga Jualan: US $ 90.00

Harga tokobukumaya: RM 199.00


Richard G. Wiley. Elint; The Interception and Analysis of Radar Signals. UK: Artech House.

Kulit Tebal * Tebal: 2.9 sm

"Combining and updating the author's two definitive volumes on electronic intelligence (ELINT), this comprehensive book is an indispensable reference on obtaining ELINT through the interception and analysis of radar signals. Supported with over 240 illustrations and more than 300 equations, this in-depth resource: examines ELINT systems characteristics, performance issues, and essential functions, help practitioners more fully understand the benefits and limitations of ELINT information that is so crucial in electronic warfare.."

Harga tokobukumaya: RM 80.00


A M Chandra and S K Ghosh. Remote Sensing and Geographical Information System . 

Kulit Tebal * Tebal: 2.0 sm

"... It provides sufficient knowledge of these technologies applied in different fields avoiding voluminous details required at research level..

The first part introduces the basics of remote sensing leading up to data analysis. An exhaustive discussion on various types of sensors and their uses has been included to make the readers understand clearly their utilities. The second part presents the highly technical field of Geographic Information System, a tool which now finds applications in almost all field of engineering, science, geography, planning, and decision making."

Harga tokobukumaya: RM 50.00


Andrea Meier and Henrik Stormer. eBusiness & eCommerce: Managing the Digital Value Chain. 

Kulit Tebal * Tebal: 1.8 sm
This textbook focuses on the members of the digital value chain for eBusiness and eCommerce and dedicates a separate chapter to each of them: eProducts and eServices, eProcurement, e Marketing, eContracting, eDistribution, ePayment, as well as eCustomer relationship management.."

Harga tokobukumaya: RM 60.00